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So a while ago this lady from work (Tracey) was bottle-feeding some kittens... and I got to help! That was my first time bottle-feeding, so it was all very exciting... and I thought I would share with you some photos of those two little kittens... George and Dave.

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Well I'm off to course now, but it's Friday so I finish early! :-D

I'm handing in another assignment today... Time and Stress Management... I better pass, it would suck to screw up my course for something as stupid, and pointless as Time and Stress Management. We should have the option whether we want to do that or not... it wasted my time.

I could've been doing assignments that are to do with ANIMALS, which is want I'm there to LEARN! I don't give a shit about time management, or being assertive we did that in High School!

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